[ CA-370 G ]
PHOENIX (Floor Finish)

Rp 430.000

Kode : CA-370/P CA-370/G

All purposes type of floor wax excellently providing remarkable durability and briliant gloss.



  • Excellent retention of an initial gloss : Special combination of acrylstyrene copolymer resin with high density polymer archived deep brilliant look gloss. Broadly applicable assuring excellent retention of an initial fine gloss
  • Soil resistant and outstanding durability : High using point wax ingeniously mixed through the medium of the high densely brigded polymer forms the soil-resistant resin coats giving excellent properties of black heel mark resistance and wear resistance
  • Ideal recoatability : Advanced features of low foaming, odorless and low viscosity permit speedy performance due to easier mopping as well as improved recoat ability, and promote the most suitable at the periodic regular maintenance site
  • Of benefit to economy : Because of the most favorable pricing worked out for this high quality product, you can enjoy advantage of economy by reducing product cost of building maintenance as compared to other conventional all purpose type of floor finishes



  1. Thoroughly sweep off surface litter and dust on the floor, and give scrubbing to remove the soil applying SUPER KLEEN (a heavy duty cleaner)
  2. Pick up standing filthy solution, and apply clean water mopping in 2-3 times to thoroughly recover residue of cleaning agent. Allow then, to floor to get completely dry
  3. Put appropriate quantity of PHOENIX into a bucket or solution vessel. Apply soak your mop in the wax solution and slightly squeezing the mop beforehand; apply it smoothly to spread floor finish over the surface evenly
  4. Repeat coating of the finish more 2-3 coats, surely allowing complete dry time between coats
  5. At your daily maintenance of the floor, take enough care to thoroughly remove sand, dust and soil

In the case where scrubbing or spray-buffing could not properly revive a good look of the floor. Apply a total procedure of repair treatment starting from stripping the old coats by STRIP OFF (Wax Stripper) or other remover through recoating of PHOENIX, comforting to the directions guide.



  • All purpose type
  • Specially combined o acryl-stylene copolymer resin with high density polymer
  • Deep brilliant look gloss
  • Outstanding durability
  • Excellent recoat ability
  • Easier mopping maneuverability and low odor nature
  • Most suitable for use at the periodic regular maintenance site
  • Standard coverage (one coat): 2000 m2 / 20 liters


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PHOENIX (Floor Finish)”

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